Central Kitchen for Russian High Speed Train
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QNCC Qatar National Convention Centre
Regethermic supply system to Qatar National Convention Centre
Regethermic introduces Blanco Cook... The mobile, versatile cooking system for front cooking and catering.
Foster Refrigerator goes from green to greener
Foster Refrigerator has taken energy efficiency one step further
National Catering Industry Awards Win
Foster's Gastro Pro - The Greenest Fridge In The World?

Cook chill - Sous Vide - Extended shelf life animation

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Catering systems, Blast chiller, Mixer Kettle, Cook chill system, Sous vide and other catering equipment

For over 35 years Regethermic have been providing cook chill systems, quality equipment, training and advice to the food service and food manufacturing industries. Take a look at a list of our --- Major Clients and Project List

Regethermic has it’s roots in cook chill providing highest quality meals perfectly regenerated on demand. Our Pioneering Cook chill course bought major benefits to the function and banqueting industries.

The Range of equipment solutions we offer are immense: Blast chillers and freezers, Mixer kettle cooking systems, Pumpfill systems, Vacuum packaging, Cook tanks, Tumble chillers, Conveyor and Distribution systems, Food service systems, Regeneration ovens, Combination ovens, Mobile regeneration ovens and Sous Vide equipment.

Introducing Deitatec - The worlds most user friendly Cook-mix-chill kettle

Rational DS-ONE - Light weight, mobile rethermalisation docking system

Rational Production are a leading manufacturer specialising in the  design of innovative hospital food distribution equipment

UNITRAY and DS-ONE are designed for either cook-chill or cook-serve catering operations. There are currently 35 successful Rational installations in Australia with 3 more currently in progress.

The Rational UNITRAY and DS-ONE systems are designed to provide the hospital caterer complete assurance with regards to meal quality and safety. The company has a no compromise philosophy to ensure these objectives are met. These claims can be verified by contacting our numerous references (made available on request).

 Rethermal oven DS-ONE

To complement this system rational also provide a comprehensive and complete HACCP solution called "Communicator" for real time monitoring and temperature logging.

Another feature of Rational equipment is their commitment to high quality manufacture that will deliver demonstrable benefits both in the short term and the long. This is achieved through greater reliability and longevity with minimal recurrent costs in servicing and repair. This is evidenced by the outstanding reliability record Regethermic has experienced from our initial installation of Rational equipment in 2003.

 Retherm Docking station DS-ONE

Last but not least is in the area of Work Health Safety, where Rational can boast the lightest trolley on the Australian Market. This is achieved through the use of the latest technological advanced materials in the manufacture of their equipment.

Popular products - Foster Blast chillers and blast chiller / freezers

Blast chiller - general page

Blast chiller - Cabinet style

Blast chiller - Roll-in style

For many years Regethermic have been supplying Foster Blast Chiller and Freezer products to Australian food manufacturers who require high quality and high efficiency Blast Chillers. Having recieved numerous awards for their efforts in supplying high content recyclable products and improving their manufacturing processes, the Foster Blast chiller is undoubedtly the greenest Blast chiller in the world. You can find our more about our Blast Chiller products here, alternatively you can find more information on Foster Blast Chillers at the Foster website here 

Blast Chiller

Popular products - Mixer kettles

Mixer kettles page

Tilting Mixer kettles continue to change the way the traditional cooking is done in both small to medium production kitchens right through to the modern centralised super kitchen. The mixer kettle in many instances can replace up to 3 appliances that would traditionally be used to produce a given dish. Find our more about Dietatec Mixer kettles here.



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